I Became An Elementary School Outlaw


About The Book

I Became an Elementary School Outlaw, a memoir by Frank Nappi, is the delightful story of a little boy who ultimately becomes a teacher. Journey with Frankie through the angst of elementary and junior high schools; then travel with Frankie on the paths he walks through the rest of his life, and maybe even guides his steps, and maybe even reflect on your own. You will undoubtedly find yourself smiling quietly at times, and laughing out loud at others. If you have any more fun with this elementary school outlaw, you might just get arrested!




Frank Nappi

Frank Nappi, a Long Island, NY native, is an award-winning American author whose literary talents span genres. Whether writing about the great American pastime, baseball, or a psychological thriller, Nappi brings the reader on a memorable ride. He has been lauded by fellow authors and by audiences. His novel, The Legend of Mickey Tussler, has been adapted into a television movie, and Echoes from the Infantry, received the Silver Medal from the Military Writers Society of America. In addition, Nappi writes music and collaborates with MP Music House (Nashville, Tennessee). Nappi has been a teacher of English and Creative Writing for over thirty years.