A Hard Fall From Grace


About The Book

The Constitution of the United States decrees that the President “shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint…” Supreme Court Justices; but when it comes to Judge Oberlin, someone decided otherwise. Was it a political assassination by the
President’s enemies, a hit by a vengeful ex-con, or someone else resolved to veto the President’s choice of his college roommate and friend? The brutal death of Judge Oberlin, his girlfriend, and her infant (son?) days before the announcement sends the President into a rage that demands answers. He trusts only one entity to get those answers: Special Agent Grace Tran and her A-team of investigators. Join them as they travel to the Caribbean on their second mission especially for POTUS, amid secrets, agendas, and international intrigue.




Michael Murray

Michael Murray is a Distinguished Military Graduate of the United States Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps who began his career as an active-duty officer-attorney in the United States Air Force Judge Advocate General Corps. He has served as a criminal prosecutor, senior agency administrator, corporate general counsel, and graduate business law professor, and as director for several non-profit and for-profit boards. Michael earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs from Indiana University’s O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and a Juris Doctor from its Mauer School of Law. He is a 2d-degree black belt in Judo and has also studied Tai Chi and Krav Maga. Michael’s mother is a multi-talented artist and retired sales director, and his late father was a retired U.S. Army finance officer. For over two decades, he has been married to the same wonderful woman, and with her has two fantastic adult children. Follow him on Twitter at @AuthorMMurray.