A Light Too Far Away


About The Book

Neurosurgeon Susan Cosgrove Pritchard reluctantly takes on a 12-year-old patient with a critical illness and resurrects her deceased father’s prior cancer research in an effort to save him. Little does she know, saving the boy will bring her into deadly conflict with a predatory business tycoon and a powerful pharmaceutical industry. Both will stop at nothing to derail Dr. Pritchard, leaving the fate of her young patient hanging in the balance. But giving up in the face of challenge did not win Dr. Pritchard her prestigious career and the respect of her profession.

Talent and relentlessness did. Join her on her journey toward A Light Too Far Away.




John Chaplick

John P. Chaplick is a retired CPA and a graduate of both Wesleyan University (BA) and the University of Michigan (MBA). He has turned his business experience in the analysis of fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering into a writing career specializing in action-adventure novels that draw on his expertise.

In December of the Dark Sun, Chaplick achieves a long sought-after objective…to draw an ordinary protagonist, Duncan Evans, into an apocalyptic event that changes his life. Duncan’s struggles fail to make him the hero of his fantasies, thereby leaving him both sympathetic and credible in the eyes of the reader.

The story offers a fascinating new dimension to the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack. Though much has been written about about it, December of the Dark Sun answers the question: could it have been predicted? Chaplick fills the information gap with an intriguing adventure and an unforgettable reading experience.