Story-Craft Services

Unleash Your Writing Potential with our Story-Craft Services

Are you an aspiring author, in the midst of a creative project, or a seasoned writer seeking to enhance your manuscript? Look no further than Hawk Owl Media/Cricket Cottage Publishing, your trusted partners in the world of words!

We provide the following services:
1. Author Coaching: Our experienced coaches provide one-on-one guidance, helping you shape your ideas, develop your story, and overcome writing obstacles.
2. Editing Services: Craftsmen of language, our skilled writers refine your prose,
ensuring your work shines with clarity, style, and precision. We tailor our editing to your needs, whether it's developmental, line, or copy editing.
3. Brainstorming Sessions: Feeling stuck? Our brainstorming sessions are creative incubators. Bounce ideas off us, and we'll help you generate fresh concepts, plots, twists, and characters to breathe life into your story.
4. Proofreading: Our meticulous proofreaders catch those elusive typos, grammatical slips, and punctuation errors, leaving your manuscript polished and professional.
5. Beta Reading: Gain valuable feedback from our beta readers who represent your target audience. Understand what resonates with readers, and use this insight to strengthen your narrative.
6. Critiques and Opinions: Not sure if your plot twist works or your characters are relatable? We offer second opinions and constructive critiques, ensuring your story resonates with your audience.
7. Select Publishing: Depending on the nature of your work and your desires, we can help you get your story published and distributed through various means and streams.

Let’s discuss the options.