The Rivergrass Legacy


About The Book

It begins as a routine business acquisition protocol: the analysis of a tropical fish hatchery. It turns into a bona fide caper, including an international money laundering plot!

Meet Grant Abbot Longsdale III, sole heir to the Concorde Industries fortune, who finds himself in the Florida Everglades, not only struggling to reconcile his New England mindset with a rural Southern culture, but also sandwiched between a vicious Colombian drug cartel and the
hatchery’s owners, who refuse to acknowledge his findings. Undergirding it all, Longsdale is haunted by a mistake made years ago, when he yielded to parental pressure and rejected Sarah Jane Jankovic, his true love from the slums of South Boston.

The Rivergrass Legacy weaves mystery, danger, romance, and a challenge to Longsdale’s aristocratic family values that will alter lives.




John Chaplick

John P. Chaplick is a retired CPA and a graduate of both Wesleyan University (BA) and the University of Michigan (MBA). He has turned his business experience in the analysis of fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering into a writing career specializing in action-adventure novels that draw on his expertise.

In December of the Dark Sun, Chaplick achieves a long sought-after objective…to draw an ordinary protagonist, Duncan Evans, into an apocalyptic event that changes his life. Duncan’s struggles fail to make him the hero of his fantasies, thereby leaving him both sympathetic and credible in the eyes of the reader.

The story offers a fascinating new dimension to the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack. Though much has been written about about it, December of the Dark Sun answers the question: could it have been predicted? Chaplick fills the information gap with an intriguing adventure and an unforgettable reading experience.