A John Chaplick Novel

The Rivergrass Legacy

About The Book

Set in the river grass area near the Florida Everglades, this riveting novel holds the reader on edge from start to finish. What begins as a routine business acquisition analysis of a tropical fish hatchery turns into the discovery of an international money laundering plot. So Hair to Concorde industries fortune, Grant Abbet Longsdale III finds himself trapped between a vicious Colombian drug cartel and the hatcheries owners who refused to acknowledge his findings.

While he struggles to reconcile his New England mindset with a rural southern culture, Grant is haunted by the mistakes he made years before when he emailed it to parental pressure and rejected Sarah Jane Jankovic, his true love from the slums of South Boston. The river grass legacy weaves an intricate tapestry of mystery and romance the challenge is grants aristocratic family values and changes his life and Sarah’s.


John Chaplick

John Chaplick, BA, MBA, CPA, CBA, lived in Greece for several years during his youth and attended school in downtown Athens. Parchments of Fire draws upon his experience and travels within that country, as well as his extensive research, and reflects his lasting respect for the Greeks’ passionate devotion to their homeland and their pride in its illustrious history. Each of John’s novels is structured to engage the reader in both the story and the geographic setting in which the action takes place. In Parchments of Fire, the locale becomes an integral component of the plot as it unfolds, and the reader is treated to a unique environmental experience.


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