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A Light Too Far Away

About The Book

Neurosurgeon Susan Cosgrove Pritchard reluctantly takes on a 12-year old patient with a critical illness and resurrects her deceased father’s prior cancer research in an effort to save her patient. Little did she know that saving a young boy would bring her into deadly conflict with a predatory business tycoon and a powerful pharmaceutical industry, both of whom would stop at nothing to derail her, leaving the date of her young patient hanging in the balance. But giving up in the face of challenge did not win Dr. Pritchard her prestigious career and the respect of her profession. Talent and relentlessness did. Join her on her journey toward a light too far away.


John Chaplick

John Chaplick, BA, MBA, CPA, CBA, lived in Greece for several years during his youth and attended school in downtown Athens. Parchments of Fire draws upon his experience and travels within that country, as well as his extensive research, and reflects his lasting respect for the Greeks’ passionate devotion to their homeland and their pride in its illustrious history. Each of John’s novels is structured to engage the reader in both the story and the geographic setting in which the action takes place. In Parchments of Fire, the locale becomes an integral component of the plot as it unfolds, and the reader is treated to a unique environmental experience.


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