K, Medina

Tales Awaken

About The Book

Sixteen-year-old River Doe is your average bookworm. Her favorite book series, The Legend of Bellecross, has always felt more like home to her than her real home. Her parents were okay, she guessed, but they just didn’t understand her. Her best friend, Nuria Ryze, was the only person who really did. The truth was that real life was boring—that is, until her life was turned upside down and she was taken somewhere she never expected. This seemingly normal girl finds out, in the “fictional” land of Ilithia, that she is actually the great-granddaughter of the protagonist in her favorite books. Follow River Bellecross as she uncovers the mysteries of her past. Join her as she meets her true family and forms new friendships with her people. Watch her grow into the Bellecross she was meant to be. Her fate is in her hands now. Can she survive?


K. Medina

Author K. Medina, is an exciting author of Young Adult Fantasy and hails from Staten Island.  She is inspired by her characters, where they take her, and how they evolve.  Her favorite place to write is in her car with her favorite tunes playing.  K. Medina makes her mark with her debut novel, Tales Awaken, a richly descriptive journey of a young girl’s discovery of her true identity.

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