1. Submissions must:
  • Be 500 words or less
  • Be the author’s original unpublished work
  • Not objectively degrade or insult people or groups of people
  • Be submitted on or before the deadline.
  1. Entries must be electronic and submitted via the Cricket Cottage Website. Entries that do not conform to applicable contest rules will not be considered. Entries will not be returned to the author after submission.
  2. Winningsubmissions will be selected in the sole discretion of the publisher or its third-party contractor, Quintessence Reviews, LLC.
  3. By entering this flash-fiction contest, the author conveys to the publisher the right to use, publish, and display the work or excerpts of the work (credited to the author) as the publisher may determine. If the author later finds an exclusive buyer for the work, the publisher will at the author’s request cease to publish or use the work if required by the buyer of the author’s work.
  4. Authors may submit a photo and a brief bio and/or link to the author’s website or social media sites for display on the publisher’s site.
  5. Winning submissions shall be displayed on the Cricket Cottage website, along with the author’s bio and contact information.
  6. Publisher reserves the right to terminate the contest with or without notice at the publisher’s discretion. If so, entry fees collected, if any, will be returned to entrants via electronic transmission, check, or Visa, Mastercard, or Amazon gift card.
  7. Author gives publisher the right to communicate all information via the email, phone, and physical address supplied by the author upon entry to the contest.