Michael O. Murray

Michael O. Murray is a seasoned attorney who began his career as an officer of the US Air Force Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG). He has served as a criminal prosecutor, government agency administrator, corporate executive, member of several corporate boards of directors, and professor. His practice areas include criminal and corporate investigations, ethics, leadership and management. He has a B.S. in Public Administration from the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and a J.D. from the Indiana University Mauer School of Law. A second degree black belt in the martial art of Judo, he now lives in Florida. He is an avid fan of jazz and classical music, and has played the piano, cello, and stereo.

As a practicing attorney, Michael saw behind-the-scenes of decision-makers who created corporate values and mission statements that said all the right things for public consumption, while concurrently engaging in everyday actions that reveal a very different perspective—the same mind-set that led to Enron, the Upper Big Branch Mine collapse, the Deepwater Horizon explosion, and more recently, the Penn State scandal. He wrote Intrigue at the Palace to peel back the curtain to that world in an entertaining way that shows the true nature of unbridled ambition.