Andrew J. Robinson

Born and raised in Arlington, Massachusetts, and the youngest of five boys, he’s the son of a New England father and Italian mother. This means he’s passionate, but he never shows it! He moved to Venice, Florida when his dad retired, and maintained his connection with Massachusetts by returning there to spend summers on Martha’s Vineyard Island. The place figures quite prominently in his life, which is why many of his stories involve islands. He has lived in Orlando since 1999. Author of a variety of novels: a children’s book, two books in a young adult sci-fi series, a murder mystery, an international thriller, and a teen adventure story set against the backdrop of a new species of humans: the vamps (and no, it is not a vampire romance story!). He’s also done non-fiction: a survival guide, a memoir about how his parents met during World War II, and an anthology collection of short stories about growing up on Martha’s Vineyard. His most recent works are a series of books about writing.